Online Counselling with a difference

WE  provide Online Marital Counseling to our esteemed Clients especially Malayalees world wide.  We do have several satisfied  couples/customers from  Canada United States, Singapore, , Dubai, London, Ireland, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, France, South Africa, Maldives,  Australia, most Middle East countries etc.  We have been very successful in solving their Marital Relationship and  Interpersonal issues and rebuild/do re-engineering in their deeper relationship for a happier living.  We also have face to face consultations at our Clinic at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. Many NRIs visit our place when they come on home visit.  Ours is a unique one day Session at our clinic, which takes minimum three/four plus hours and find lasting effective solutions. .

Languages:  Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil.

We can also have Online sessions through Telephone/Googletalk/Skype.   You can also use emails to furnish more info.

Timings:  Mutually convenient timings  (Once you register with us, we fix up date and time mutually convenient)

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Please see the details below:

1. In a marital counseling there are three persons involved.  (1)   Husband, (2) wife and (3)  the relationship.  Only when we talk to husband and wife, we come to know about the third person- the Relationship. This process takes some time, you know.
2. You can have online counseling as per your choice and convenience from the privacy of your Home, as both of you are in   a foreign land/in other Indian states now. Timings mutually convenient.
3. Our perceptions are  not necessarily be true always. Similarly,  based on our perceptions, we always form an “attitude” towards another person.  Attitude is never inherited. Attitude towards a person or thing is developed out of experience a person had with  another person or thing  or  based on right or wrong perceptions. Attitude is always within a person.   A scientific approach to re-examine the  perceptions always help to change the attitude resulting in a modified relationship.